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Woodturning CAD

Lofting  This is a very old version, the latest is on the TC Community site - which is currently off-line

Sectioning without a section tool

Staircase Spiral using transform

Threads 3D

TC v11 patch


v11.2 patch

AnimationLab help file.                (Zipped - unzip using MS windows)

Supplied in two versions, a chm file and a PDF, which are generally the same, except, the chm contains some mini Animations, which the PDF does not contain, (PDF does not supported Gif animations). My thanks go to Tim Stewart on the TC forum, for correcting various errors.

AnimationLab chm help file

AnimationLab Help Pdf

The chm help file can be used as a standalone file or can replace the existing AL help file, To replace the existing file, rename the existing help file possibly located at (program files - IMSI Design - AmimationLab - Help), to  AnimationLab.chm.old

Paste the new AL chm help file in the same folder, NOTE, windows may block the contents, scan with Anti-virus, right click file, choose properties, and tick ‘unblock’, the file will now open when using the help icon within AL.

Any problems, Please post of the TC forum (AnimationLab section).

Mesh Doors

epack file



TurboCAD model files in windows zip format, download and use extract all in the normal windows file explorer, file sizes below are only approximate. No materials are allocated, nor included with any model.

Oct 2018,  Eyeglass Magnifying

Lens, possibly Enbeeco

Windows zipped TC 21 pro

1,681 KB (2,949 KB unzipped)

Windows zipped TC 21 deluxe

11,174 KB (21,876 KB unzipped)

May 2018. Church window.

Drawn in Turbocad, it was quite a challenge to draw correctly and is still a compromise on what I wanted to draw and what TC would allow me to draw.

Window in TC v20 pro (ACIS)

1,352 KB zip (3,406 KB unzipped)

Window in TC 2016 deluxe

3,535KB zip (7,194 KB unzipped)

Deluxe version may be a bit faceted

Feb 2018 Milk Float

Note - does NOT have any screw threads modelled to reduce file size and rendering times.

Milk Float TC_V20_Pro

12.7 MB zip (36MB unzipped)

Milk float TC_v20_ Deluxe

8 MB zip  (24MB unzipped)

TC v9 patch (zip format)

TurboCad V9 Pro,  Requires installation disk to install

V9.1 patch

V9.2 patch

Important,  TC patches are as supplied by the programmers.  

The author of this site accepts no responsibility for any problems caused by the patches, they are provided simply because they are no longer available on the Turbocad forum.

Landscape1 2017 zipped E-Pack file (for Ian)

Landscape file zip

Download zipped file, extract the e-pack, Open TC, navigate to the tcw file,  materials should load automatically as the e-pack will put in the correct file locations.

Note.  I used RedSDK mode because it navigates in draft render a lot faster than lightworks.