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Woodturning CAD TurboCAD topic pages are simply for sharing anything I have to do with TC with the wider world,  Items included in these TC pages can be freely downloaded and used.

AnimationLab help file.  Update Feb 2020  v1.2 (for AnimationLab v6 and previous versions)   (Zipped - unzip using MS windows)

This is an updated version of the AnimationLab .chm help file. For AnimationLab v6. And also, almost all of it is applicable to AL v5 with the exception of alteration done since 2017.

AnimationLab chm help file, updated for AL v6

The chm is the same as supplied to SoftDev. And has been updated to include fixes and extra stuff in v6. Plus some errors have been corrected, which I got wrong in the original version.

NOTE, With the chm file. Windows may block the contents. After scannig with Anti-virus, and un-zipping the file, right click the chm file, choose properties, and tick ‘unblock’, the file should (hopefully) now open without error.

If using AL v6, and the additional help file introduction page does not say 1.2, Then the file should be used to replace the one supplied in AnimationLab v6. Admin privileges may be required.

C:\Program Files\IMSIDesign\AnimationLab v6 64-bit\Help

Or similar if installing 32 bit version of AL

The chm help file can be used as a standalone file.  

Any problems. Please send me a PM (personal message) from the TurboCad froum. .  

TurboCad old updates

TurboCad v15 patches. v15.1 and v15.2 in a single zip file.

Centre finder

A simple centre finder for use with the wood lathe. I have a larger centre finder, but wanted a smaller one to make it easier on small pieces of wood.

Note. No allowance was made for pencil thickness. Therefore I draw 3 lines and get the centre from them.

Click picture to download TurboCAD 2018 file in Zip format


Mini Sanding block

I needed to sand the edges of some 3D printed objects. I needed to try maintain a 90 degree angle. So I 3D printed this little sanding block

It is very simple with the sand paper being held in place by friction rather than screws or clamps. A taper on the mating surfaces, ensures the sandpaper is locked into place

Click image to download TurboCAD 2018 file, (Zip)


AnimationLab example files.

Example files will be added here, I’ve just not had time to test them all yet, and then I have to save to TC deluxe.

Epicycliod TC 2018 pro (From custom script page)

Ball and Spinner TC 2018 pro (from the chm Overview page)

AddNode example TC 2018 pro (writing TurboCAD in splines)

Set Variable example TC 2018 pro (Uses Constraints)

Giro example TC files (link to site page, including gif anim)

Two adjustable spanners and bend pliers.

Saved in two versions. The original platinum (ACIS) file, saved back from 2020 to 2017.  And an exploded to TC surfaces file. For use in TC deluxe ( 2017 or later),

Download zip   TC 2017 platinum file, 12 MB.

Download zip   TC 2017 deluxe file 9 MB.

RedSDK beginners documentation.


Re-released documents on the RedSDK materials, and lighting components.  Released, as TurboCAD no longer supplies most of the RedSDK information, in the normal TC help file.  

Download the zip file here.  File size approximately 40 Mb


TurboCad old updates

TurboCad v12 patches. v12.1, v12.2, v12.3 and v12-5.  All contained in a single windows zip file. (Around 38Mb)

Threaded Cap for 3d printing.  Note this was an experiment, and the cap is not for a specific purpose.

 Download the zip file here.  File size approximately 4.8 Mb

TC_2020 Platium, plastic cap.