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Woodturning CAD

As stated on the home page, the program I use for wood tuning and other designs, is called TurboCAD, the program is not for everyone, like most complex program it can have a high learning curve at first, and can depend on ones past experience, as to how quick one can learn it. but I like it,

I also have a polygon modeller called Hexagon 2, but to be honest although it allows alteration to individual facets, and is better for ‘Organic’ forms, it still has quite a few bugs in the program, and so I much prefer TurboCAD for drawing the designs

Anyway the next few pages are dedicated to my non wood turning drawings, there are a variety of drawings, some serious ones for work, and some just for fun, a few came about through posts on the TurboCAD forum

The Cad section is divided into sections as outlined below.

pictures - full rendered pictures of TurboCAD drawings

Vehicles - renderings of cars and farm items

Gas - renderings of gas related components used in the UK

Fun - various fun pics, some as a result of a challenge on the TurboCAD forum

TurboCad_topics - mini tutorials, materials and models (under construction)

About TC - a short note about the program January 2007