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A wooden torch would be generally one of two types, either a commercial torch (possibly with a damaged case), which is inserted into a new wooden surround. Or a made from scratch using metal or plastic parts.

These days it a bit like a throwaway world. But me. I like to repair or re-purpose if possible. Giving an old damaged or scruffy looking torch a new wooden case is a good example.

The torch on the right, is a commercial torch which fortunately was the same diameter from front to back. This made it easy to simply drill a hole to glue the torch into the new wooden case.

 It is made in two pieces, with the back end (where the push button switch is) removable to allow for batteries to be inserted.

The second one is made from scratch. I made this using 3D printing of plastic parts, plus a bit of metal and an LED.

It is actually pretty small, being only 38 mm in length, and designed to be thumb (or finger) operated. Pressing the thumb on the base brings the light on, releasing turns it of. So there is no way to leave the torch on accidentally.

This could be good or bad, depending on the situation

This last one was a cheap three LED commercial wall light. With a pretty drab plastic case.

The light was ‘gutted’ and rewired to allow it to fit into a wooden surround. A new plastic housing was made to allow the switch to be repositioned.

I probably made the push button too big, but one lives and learns.

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